EMP Infra focuses on investments in infrastructure and related industrial sectors. We pride ourselves on conceptualizing and managing investment fund structures that meet the financial and strategic objectives for our investors.  Our current focus is on investors and corporate partners in Korea looking to broaden their global infrastructure exposure.


We thoroughly diligence, develop and manage each fund and investment opportunity. Our goal is to participate in a limited number of projects, but to do them exceptionally well. To meet that goal, we draw uponthe in-house investment experience of EMP Global and Belstar, and our employees experience at firms such as Goldman Sachs, Blackstone, Salomon Brothers, KPMG, Merrill Lynch and Lazard.  But we also specialize in creating corporate and financial partnerships that draw upon outside expertise of a variety of Korean industrial companies, global fund managers and other strategic parties for the benefit of our investors. 


We strive to provide the balance of risk and return sought by each class of our investors. Based on our experience in structured credit, mezzanine and private equity, we can often offer multiple investment tranches with differentrisk/returns.  Our first priority is to protect our investors’ principal investment. We look for opportunities where an investment or an investment structure provides significant downside protection while still maintaining the ability to earn above-market returns.