Collins Roth  (CEO, Partner)



4200 Wisconsin Ave. NW


Washington D.C. 20016


Tel: 202-380-9308

Fax: 212-202-3830

Regional Focus


US, Asia, Central Europe, Africa, Latin America



Private equity, emerging markets, corporate finance, alternative investments,

infrastructure development, market dislocations. 

Mr. Roth is the CEO and Founding Partner of EMP Infra. Prior, Mr. Roth was a partner at EMP Global. Mr. Roth has experience in private equity investments across most emerging markets, including Asia, Central Europe, Africa and Latin America. Mr. Roth led and was responsible for business development for EMP GLobal since 2005. Prior to joining EMP Global, Mr. Roth worked in corporate finance for Salomon Brothers in New York, Hong Kong and Jakarta.

Mr. Roth graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelors in Economics. He holds a Masters in Finance from London Business School and a Masters in Public Policy from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government with a focus on Business and Government and International Development.